The Person of Jesus

Who is Jesus? The identity of Jesus lies at the very heart of Christianity. But what is it about Jesus that’s so important?

In the last episode we looked at the problem of sin. God made the world good. He made a world without death and decay. He made a world in which humanity could dwell with him in love and fellowship, ruling over and developing God’s world under him. But the world is not like that anymore. It’s broken. And the reason it’s broken is because human beings have sought to rule themselves and God’s world without God. We’ve tried to get rid of God.

The result is judgement, which is seen immediately in death and decay, and in a world groaning under the wrath of God. But ultimately, the result is eternal separation from God.

So what’s the solution? The solution, quite simply, is Jesus. And not just what Jesus has done, but who he is.

But who is Jesus?

That’s what we’re beginning to think about this episode of Thinking Theology.
The Person of Jesus
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